• I have 3 galleries being used on my web site at the moment – one for wedding, one for baby photography and one for events. I have different price plans for each of these; is it possible to have different prices for each website?
  • The couple getting married tomorrow does not want their pictures online until they have returned from their honeymoon. Obviously I still need to distribute my business cards at the wedding reception tomorrow for the guests to view. How can I resolve this?
  • How can I set up an extra cost or add a separate shipping cost for an international address?
  • I have just used Imagetogo for the first time and followed the 3 steps in setting up the website service I want to give to my clients. I thought I had set up “copyright” text correctly but it does not seem to appear on the website. Why?
  • I have just upgraded the Java plugin to the latest version and ChopChop now displays an out of memory alert.
  • I have just uploaded some photos to view online. It is a new site and they have been placed in a totally random order. Why is this happening?
  • I would like to be able to redirect customers to their online proofs album through my website without having to constantly update the links. How can I do this?
  • The banner at the top of the website is a generic one – is it possible to change this to one with my own website design?
  • For my wedding photographs I would like to give my customers a 20% discount if they order their photographic prints online within 6 weeks of the site going up. How can I do this?
  • How can I set up an option for say the Bride and Groom to choose 100 pictures for their photograph album, without them having to pay any money through PayPal? This way I can use the service for online picture proofing, where the couple have a set number of prints already included with their package.
  • Why do you limit the number of days to upload images for photo proofing online?
  • I am uploading using ChopChop but I am not getting consistently high quality photographs – some look a bit fuzzy when uploaded. How can I resolve this?
  • I want to issue the website address to customers when I am on a shoot, can I do so prior to buying a website?
  • I used to get an email for photograph orders from imagetogo.net but they have suddenly stopped. Why is this happening?
  • I have just loaded the maximum number of images I have purchased, I want to add more images. How can I do this?
  • Why is there no refund on remaining time for subscription plans when renewing after cancelling, upgrading or down grading before the end of the period paid for?
  • Recently, after upgrading my Mac to OSX Mavericks, I noticed on Safari browser 7.0, ChopChop no longer displays files and I am unable to select any photos for uploading.
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