Looking For A Website?

To find your website, you will need a 5 digit code that is shown at the end of every website that is created using Imagetogo:

http://imagetogo.net/go/?12345 (note the 5 digit code at the end)

You may have been given this code as a ‘Find Your Photo’ on the back of a business card or as part of an email invitation to view the images. Not all websites that are created by our users can be accessed this way as it is an optional facility that has to be turned on by whoever created the website.

If you have the five digit code you may still be able to access the website by typing in the full website address into a browser. That is: http://imagetogo.net/go/?XXXXX (5 digit code). After entering the code you may also need a password to access the website. Some websites have restricted access as they have been created with password access only. This can be obtained from the person who created the website or be obtained from the person who sent you the email invitation.

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